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VIEWPOINT: Upholding Affirmative Action

Race remains a factor for mobility in the present-day United States. Willful ignorance of that reality harms members of the Asian-American community, in addition to other communities of color. The current anti-affirmative action debate paints the dynamic and diverse Asian-American community as a monolithic entity, thereby using a narrow image[Read More…]

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Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum Launches

A group of 15 students launched the Asian-Pacific Islander Leadership Forum on March 19 in an effort to provide a unifying space for Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander students on campus. The organization “seeks to create spaces for celebrating, affirming, and mobilizing Asian and Pacific Islander students at Georgetown,” according[Read More…]

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Exposing the Invisible Minority

Exposing the Invisible Minority

My first-ever role model was Mulan. She was cool, confident and kicked butt on the battlefield. She was also the only Asian face I had ever seen on TV . . . and she was a fictional character. As the years went on, I realized how virtually non-existent the Asian-American[Read More…]

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Television’s Asian America

Television’s Asian America

“Fresh Off the Boat,” or “Fob,” is a common term for Asian-Americans. I’ll use it to describe international students, or anyone or thing that is more connected to its origins’ culture than America’s. Personally, as a second-generation Korean-American, being a Fob doesn’t have a negative or positive connotation — despite[Read More…]

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