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Learning to Swim Amid Confusing, Conflicting Voices

Not long ago, my iPod shuffled up a song I hadn’t listened to in ages – a relic of my country-western period. It was by Kathy Mattea and its chorus included the line, “[We] go through life parched and empty, standing knee-deep in a river and dying of thirst.” It[Read More…]

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A Liberal Education

My former student sent me a recent column published in Newsweek by its editor, Jon Meacham, on “liberal education,” the basics of which the students are supposed to receive here at Georgetown. The trouble is that few know what those basics are. Meacham, is taken both by Sewanee College in[Read More…]

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On Listening With Enjoyment

A friend told me that she, her husband and her family were to spend time on the Mendocino coast in Northern California, where “it should be very cold and foggy, a refreshing change after D.C.!” This area was the site of her family home, near the church where she was[Read More…]

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SCHALL: Idealism Root of Political Problems

Plato was 40 years old (388 B.C.), as he tells us in his “Seventh Letter.” The Peloponnesian War had ended in 404. The Greek colony of Syracuse on Sicily was in the ascendancy. Along with Sparta, Syracuse was the victor in the infamous war launched by Athens, under the prodding on by[Read More…]

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