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Eastern Market: The District’s Melting Pot

Maybe I’m just a slave to consumerism, but I think that one of the best ways to get to know any place is by flexing your wallet. One of my favorite spots to go in Washington D.C. is Eastern Market, located just off its eponymous metro stop on the blue[Read More…]

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New Releases

‘Suit & Tie’ | Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z 5/5 Stars It was a great couple weeks for comebacks, and none could be better than the return of JT. His first new song in six years features Jay-Z, no less. The song shows off Timberlake’s incredible vocal range, hitting both high[Read More…]

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Mumford’s Back and Better Than Ever

Mumford’s Back and Better Than Ever

Everyone has a favorite band. One that can make good days better and can comfort you on the bad ones. A band that has an embarrassingly high number of plays on iTunes and an even higher number of performances in the shower. For me, that band is Mumford & Sons.[Read More…]

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Theater Adviser Retires After 13 Years

Theater Adviser Retires After 13 Years

Ted Parker, technical adviser to the university’s co-curricular theater groups, will retire this semester after 13 years in the department of performing arts, leaving a legacy of strong collaboration with students. Parker’s arrival transformed the department from a program with four staff members and no official academic program to a[Read More…]

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D.C. Tunnels Expect Makeover

The cobwebs that have grown in the abandoned tunnels located beneath Dupont Circle may soon be cleared away to make room for a new arts district in the area, as the city attempts to reclaim the potentially valuable space. The space was used for transportation and storage until the mid-1990s,[Read More…]

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