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ANC Hopes to Rename Street to Commemorate Murdered Journalist

ANC Hopes to Rename Street to Commemorate Murdered Journalist

A Washington, D.C. neighborhood advisory commission voted to rename a street outside the Saudi Embassy in honor of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul in October.n Advisory neighborhood commission 2A, which oversees the Foggy Bottom and West End neighborhoods, voted unanimously Wednesday night to[Read More…]

ANC2e Matias Burdman (COL ’21) and Anna Landre (SFS ’21) are running for two empty and unopposed seats to represent districts 08 and 04 in the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E. If they win, each will serve a two-year term.

Two Georgetown Sophomores Running for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission

Sana Rahman Matias Burdman (COL ’21) and Anna Landre (SFS ’21) are running unopposed for two seats on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E in the upcoming election Nov. 6. Burdman and Landre, who are expected to win, would serve as representatives for Georgetown University as commissioners for single-member districts 08[Read More…]

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2 Students Reportedly Die in Dupont Circle Fire

Update 1:12 p.m (June 5, 2015): One Georgetown student, Nina Brekelmans (GRD ’15), was confirmed to have died in the fire. The other victim was a University of Maryland graduate. See full story here: Georgetown Graduate Dies in Dupont Circle Fire. Two Georgetown students died in a Dupont Circle house fire early[Read More…]

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Organization Promotes Solar in Georgetown Neighborhood

A student-run organization and a local non-profit are collaborating to install solar panels on homes throughout Ward 2, which includes the Georgetown neighborhood. The Feb. 2 meeting of the Advisory Neighborhood Commission featured the proposal from Georgetown Energy, an independent student-run organization that promotes solar energy and sustainability, and D.C.[Read More…]

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Georgetown Absent at ANC Election

To the Editor: We in D.C.’s Ward 2 have a shameful record about turnout at midterm elections. In the Nov. 4 election, only 30.5 percent of our registered voters showed up at the polls, lower than the city-wide average of 32.5 percent. That was a sharp drop-off from the 61.1[Read More…]

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ANC2E Grants Liquor Licenses

At its November meeting, the 2E Advisory Neighborhood Commission on Monday evening granted alcohol licenses to four restaurants in the Georgetown area and debated the construction of a new shopping complex on the Prospect Street Lot. Around 35 people attended the meeting, held at Georgetown Visitation School. The restaurants requesting[Read More…]

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Breaking the Voting Bubble

It’s not difficult to understand why local politics might never cross the mind of the average Georgetown student. Although college students are an inherently transient population, temporary residence is not justification for political apathy. This November, D.C. voters will elect a new mayor, choose a swath of new councilmembers and[Read More…]

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Students Campaign for ANC Seats

Alongside the upcoming Washington, D.C. mayoral election, Nov. 4 will bring elections for the Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, which has two open student commissioner positions to represent the area in and around the university. Kendyl Clausen (SFS ’16) and Reed Howard (SFS ’17) will commence campaigning together this week, each[Read More…]

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Northeast Triangle Wins OGB Approval

Northeast Triangle Wins OGB Approval

After months of negotiations and redesigns, the university’s Northeast Triangle Residence Hall was awarded final concept approval by the Old Georgetown Board at its monthly meeting Thursday. “We’re feeling very good about the direction the project is taking, so we have taken action to approve conceptual design,” OGB member David[Read More…]

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Georgetown BID Launches 2028 Plan

The Georgetown Business Improvement District formally launched its 2028 15-year action plan and announced its intention to increase transportation between Georgetown and greater D.C. in a ceremony held at the City Club Tavern Thursday. The plan was drawn up in collaboration with members of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E, the Citizen’s[Read More…]

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