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EDITORIAL: Treat Adjuncts as Equals

Adjunct professors at Georgetown University now face an uncertain future after the passing of the Oct. 31 expiration of their collective bargaining contract with the university. Georgetown must recognize adjunct professors’ immense contributions by paying them a wage that is livable given the high cost of living in the Washington,[Read More…]

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Adjunct professors were presented a tentative agreement reached by SEIU Local 500 and Georgetown University.

University Presents Adjuncts’ Union with Final Proposal

Negotiations for a new collective bargaining contract between Georgetown and more than 1,000 adjunct professors concluded Oct. 31 with a final proposal to be voted on by union members, following five months of discussions. The university presented a final offer Tuesday to the six-person bargaining team, which includes two union[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: The Dilemma of the Underpaid Adjunct

With love and regret, I am saying farewell to Georgetown after 21 wonderful years on the faculty of the women’s and gender studies program and a recent, shiny Silver Vicennial Medal for my two decades of service. I will miss you all and, in particular, my beloved Hoya athletes, so[Read More…]

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Adjunct Quits Amid Union Row

Adjunct computer science professor Matthew Devost resigned from his position Feb. 8 after refusing to pay agency fees to the Service Employees International Union Local 500, the union that represents the university’s adjunct faculty. Devost’s resignation ended his “Information Warfare” class three weeks into the spring semester. Eric Burger, the[Read More…]

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The Right to Teach Well

The Right to Teach Well

Colleges and universities nationwide are in the midst of an adjunct crisis, coinciding with skyrocketing operating costs and burgeoning student debt in higher education. Numerous studies suggest that the quality of student education is negatively impacted by the instruction of adjunct professors. This does not bode well for Georgetown, where[Read More…]

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Adjuncts Refocus Approach

Adjuncts Refocus Approach

Adjunct professors, university officials and students discussed the problems that non-tenured faculty members face nationwide — including an inability to find full-time jobs and difficulties involving unionization — during a conference held in the ICC Auditorium on Wednesday evening. During this event, which was sponsored by the Georgetown University Student[Read More…]

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Scheuer’s Difficulties With Reality

To the Editor: Re: “Scheuer Upholds Assassination Call” (The Hoya, A1, Jan. 14, 2014) One sympathizes with Dr. Michael Scheuer’s difficulties in dealing with reality. A life of service in one of our “intelligence” agencies is enough to render even the strongest of spirits — if I may use a term permitted by our intercultural[Read More…]

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Media Cite Scheuer for Assassination Endorsement

Michael Scheuer, an adjunct professor in the School of Foreign Service, has been subject to a spate of media attention this past week following a self-published column that appeared to endorse the assassinations of President Barack Obama and the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister David Cameron. Scheuer’s Dec. 23 column, posted on his[Read More…]

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Adjunct Unionization a National Struggle

Last year, Michael Ng worked three jobs to make $34,000, and his situation is not a unique one. Ng, an adjunct professor at Seattle University, is one of the many faces of the adjunct unionization movement that is sweeping the country. But Ng, who taught at Pacific Lutheran University in[Read More…]

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No Working Consensus

No Working Consensus

From O’Donovan Hall workers challenging alleged employer abuses to Georgetown cutting ties with Adidas to adjunct faculty pushing to unionize, the past year saw a surge in labor activism from employees and student supporters. Leo’s Workers Struggle with Employer  Despite unionizing under Unite Here — a national labor union that supports workers[Read More…]

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