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Feminism: It’s Not Just For Seasoned Feminists

Let me preface with this: I wholeheartedly believe everyone at Georgetown should take a women’s and gender studies course. I wish it were a required course across the board; I think it would do everyone some good. If you are rolling your eyes at that statement, then I hate to[Read More…]

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Continue the Disability Conversation

To the Editor, As a proud Hoya alum, class of 1984, I was alarmed by the article “Make Campus Accessible for All” (The Hoya, A3, Dec 4, 2015). I am a nationally recognized advocate for persons with disabilities. As a blind student, I faced and overcame many barriers. In those[Read More…]

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Make Campus Accessible For All

Make Campus Accessible For All

By now, you have probably seen the Facebook cover photos and captions discussing accessibility on campus. Maybe you scrolled past these posts, thinking they did not apply to you. You might be correct. The vast majority of Hoyas will go to a party at a top-floor Henle and simply grunt[Read More…]

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Each year, a study sponsored by Trojan Brand Condoms ranks 140 colleges in the United States according to accessibility of sexual health resources on campus and relevant information available to the student body. Somewhat unsurprisingly, Georgetown has been ranked 93rd in the latest 2014 study. The Trojan Sexual Health Report[Read More…]

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Usher One, Usher All

The university announced that its partnership with Usher, the technology firm that piloted a mobile GOCard to incoming freshmen and transfer students this fall, will extend its service to all undergraduates beginning this past December in an attempt to gauge interest as well as how it might function on a[Read More…]

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Constructing Better Access

This year will surely be one of the most inconvenient for Georgetown students in recent memory. With construction crews ready to start on a variety of projects around campus, blocked pathways and roundabout routes will be a hallmark of this year. But the inconvenience of extra walking time will be[Read More…]

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Obliged to Provide Access

When Heather Artinian (COL ’15) reached out to the Academic Resource Center to request a sign language interpreter for a Georgetown University Student Association-sponsored LSAT prep course, she was issued a flat denial. Citing budget restraints and a lack of legal obligation, the ARC denied Artinian’s request, consistent with the[Read More…]

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GUSA Tackles Accessibility

To address confusion about available resources for students with disabilities, the Georgetown University Student Association’s Office of Disabilities launched “No Wrong Door,” an initiative to provide a comprehensive manual for navigating university and D.C. area disability resources. The 35-page manual will include information about housing and academic accommodations, legal aid,[Read More…]

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Current Infrastructure Hinders Accessibility

Like many Georgetown students, Addie Joshua’s (SFS ’13) day is composed of a series of routines: a routine for waking up with the same daily tasks, a routine for getting to class on the same daily path, a routine for getting through days filled with the same daily obstacles and[Read More…]

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