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Students Bridge Science, Humanities

Looking to close the gap between the hard sciences and the humanities, Maggie Axelrod (COL ’15) and Viggy Parr (COL ’15) founded Futures in Science and Humanities in December to explore the interdisciplinary nature of careers in the sciences. After organizing a career fair with one of their professors, the[Read More…]

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Provost Announces Restructuring

Citing the need to improve collaboration between the provost’s office and other departments, boost support to university researchers and improve Georgetown’s academic programs, Provost Robert Groves announced a restructuring of his office in an email to the Georgetown community Wednesday night. The reorganization will create four new positions: vice provost[Read More…]

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No Time for Tardiness

No Time for Tardiness

Many of us are familiar with the cliched movie scene of a tardy high school student stumbling into class a few minutes late. He sits down sheepishly as the teacher cracks a one-liner at his expense, but all is forgotten and class moves on. College academics, however, are a bit[Read More…]

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In the Know on Knowledge

During one of my trips to Lauinger Library last week, I noticed something unusual. As I took a seat in one of the wooden cubicles, I saw some words carved deeply into the surface of the desk, one of those permanent etchings that are added to library furnishings year after year, reminders[Read More…]

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Honor Codes Look Beyond Academics

With a revamped Residential Judiciary Committee and a growing Student Advocacy Office, the university’s avenues for student involvement in conduct policies are growing. But unlike many universities that use student-enforced honor codes to protect against lying, stealing and other kinds of social misconduct, Georgetown’s is restricted to academic conduct. Bryn Mawr College[Read More…]

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A Necessary Discussion

High school students are often warned that academic hand-holding ends after graduation. But many college professors continue to coddle students by requiring attendance at discussion sections. While it is fair for attendance to be required in seminars, which depend on active participation to create a learning environment, professors should scale[Read More…]

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FREENOCK: Living in the Moment

“Checkmate,” my brother announces for the third time in three hours. In truth, I am accustomed to drubbings on the chessboard at the hands of my brother. He possesses a skill I sometimes lack — foresight. But I never stumble through a game; I always think ahead. If I use the appropriate[Read More…]

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Faculty  Diversity  On the Rise

Faculty Diversity On the Rise

Following a university working group’s recommendation to increase the hiring of diverse faculty members, the percentage of minority faculty members on the main campus has jumped from 12 to 14 percent in 2011. Since the beginning of this year, the university has hired seven minority faculty members, according to Vice[Read More…]

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Campus Questions Validity of Ratemyprofessors Rankings

Georgetown was recognized Monday as the 13th highest-rated university in the nation by for 2011. Many faculty and students received the news with the same cloud of suspicion that surrounds the website’s popular professor rankings, however. provides the largest collection of college professor rankings online and is visited[Read More…]

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Students Learn Amid Absence From Academics

While most students begin courses at Georgetown just months after graduating from high school, some accepted students are opting to take a gap year before embarking on their university careers. The Wall Street Journal reported in December that a Higher Education Research Institute at the University of California, Los Angeles[Read More…]

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