Sweetgreen, the eco-friendly salad and yogurt bar founded by Georgetown graduates NicolasJammet (MSB ’07), Jonathan Neman (MSB ’07) and Nathaniel Ru (MSB ’07), will soon be bringing its”sweetlife” to another nearby college town.

According to the University of Maryland’s student newspaper, The Diamondback, Sweetgreen will open its newest location on Route 1 next spring, hoping to attract College Park customers with the promise of locally grown and organic ingredients.

The shop will be the third college campus site for the company, which owns its original Georgetown location and another at the University of Pennsylvania.

“The first Sweetgreen in Georgetown was inspired by Nic, Jon and Nate’s frustration in not finding any healthy dining options in their college community,” said McKee Floyd, Sweetgreen’s director of brand development. “Sweetgreen’s success in Georgetown stemmed from its ability to fill that need, and we’ve stayed true to that initial inspiration as we’ve grown.”

The College Park eatery will face competition in the area with Yogiberry, a popular chain yogurt shop that offers a similar product.

Despite local challenges, McKee expressed confidence that Sweetgreen would succeed by garnering loyal customers who care about the company’s mission.

“We’re hoping we’ll do well, but of course every new store opening and new market is not without its challenges,” she said. “The strength of our store comes from our customers — they come toSweetgreen because they want fresh, locally grown and sustainably produced [foods].”

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