To the Editor:

This Saturday, the Duke Blue Devils come to town to face our Hoyas in a non-conference tilt in front of a sold-out MCI Center. Duke is undefeated and is the top-ranked team in America. It will be the third time in four years that Georgetown plays Duke, and the Blue Devils have been ranked #1 each time.

This game has generated much hype, as evidenced by the line for student tickets sold at McDonough Gymnasium. When the student section is packed and energetic the atmosphere is great, but let’s remember that this game is not big because it’s Duke; it is big because it is Georgetown. The Hoyas need our total support and enthusiasm, not a crowd of students just eager to get a glimpse of Duke. The more we hype Duke, the more we legitimize the national obsession with them and their constant coverage on ESPN. Duke feeds off of such attention.

We need to back Coach Thompson and our team regardless of the opponent.

Let’s show the national television audience that Georgetown basketball is back and ready to beat Duke both on the floor and from the stands, and let’s do it with creativity and style. If the best cheers we can come up with are like “F U JJ,” – a common chant of Duke’s ACC opponents – we might join the list of schools that Redick has embarrassed, telling Sports Illustrated On Campus recently how he draws strength from classless fans out for blood.

We have every reason to be excited for this season and this game, so let’s carry the momentum from this big win all the way to the big dance.

Mark Murphy (SFS ’06)

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