This summer was a relatively quiet one for campus crime, which dropped by 6 percent from the same period last year.

According to data from the Department of Public Safety, 66 incidents were reported on campus during June, July and August, down from 70 incidents in summer 2011.

More than half of these incidents occurred in July, which saw a total of 35 crimes reported. Theft accounted for the majority of crimes in July, with a total of 14 incidents.

By comparison, June and August saw 15 and 16 incidents reported, respectively. Theft was also the biggest contributor to crime rates in these months, with nine in June and eight in August. However, theft dropped 29 percent between summer 2011 and summer 2012, with 31 occurring in this year’s summer months and 40 having been repoted last summer.

A considerable majority of thefts this summer targeted bicycles and laptops. Bike thefts made up 29 percent and laptop thefts 20 percent of total theft for the summer.

Jay Gruber, Georgetown’s new chief of police, told The Hoya that he recognizes the rampancy of these types of theft on campus and intends to prioritize the issue.

Alcohol violations remained steady throughout the summer, with three incidents in June and two in July. There were three drug violations in July and one in August. The remaining incidents comprised four cases of simple assault, four of public indecency, four unlawful entries, seven burglaries and four robberies, which were all reported to have occurred in July.

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