In any campus community like Georgetown, there are students experiencing significant distress – overwhelmed by conflicts with boyfriends or girlfriends, by personal struggles with friends and family or by academic expectations and pressures. Often when students are in distress, they may experience a major loss in their ability to concentrate, a significant change in their sleep patterns and in their appetites, along with a possible loss of motivation and enthusiasm. Feelings of hopelessness and despair may become prominent. In some students, this sense of hopelessness and helplessness may lead to thoughts of suicide.

In an effort to respond to this potential distress, we wish to make members of the Georgetown community aware of the resources available here on campus. The Georgetown University Counseling and Psychiatric service has psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers available on a full-time basis, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. Students or concerned friends can call Mr. Patrick Lillis at 202.687.6985 to arrange an appointment and consultation. After hours, psychiatrists are available around the clock at the Counseling and Psychiatric Service at 202.687.PAGE (202.687.7243 – ask for Dr. Paul Steinberg or Dr. Charles Tartaglia) and at the Georgetown University Medical Center Emergency Room, 202.784.2119. In addition, the Georgetown University Campus inistry Office has clergy members of many denominations available for consultation. Appointments can be arranged by calling 202.687.1395.

All of these resources are indeed available for all students, faculty and staff who have been affected by the recent death and would like assistance in understanding the loss.

Dr. Paul Steinberg is the Acting Director of CAPS.

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