Georgetown may soon lose its historic trolley tracks in the name of safer roads. The majority of the O and P Street tracks will be removed if the District’s Department of Transportation, the Federal Highway Administration and the D.C. Historic Preservation Office sign a memorandum of agreement to renovate the tracks, which they say do not meet current road standards. The trolley tracks served streetcar transit lines connecting Georgetown and Dupont Circle when they were installed by etropolitan Railroad Company in the1890s. Many D.C. transit companies left remnants of their conduit tracks across the District. If the memorandum is signed, the tracks that have become a familiar sight to many Georgetown students will either be renovated or partially removed, Ward 2 Transportation Planner Chris Ziemann said at a meeting of the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission last month. Georgetown history buffs, however, have pushed back against the proposed removal, with some success. Drawings for renovations completed in 2003 initially called for the complete removal of the trolley tracks, but historic preservation guidelines now call for some of the tracks to be saved. The ANC endorsed removing the tracks in a resolution last October, saying that the current conditions of O and P Streets “present a severe safety hazard” to local residents. The removal of the tracks would come along with several other changes that would modernize the streets of Georgetown, including sidewalk repair and the replacement of fire hydrants and a 100-year-old water main, according to the ANC resolution. Ziemann said that renovations would take six months for the tracks on P Street and 18 months for those on O Street

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