With the opening of Regents Hall and talk of expanding the School of Medicine, Georgetown is clearly invested in fostering the study of the sciences on campus. Yet the university does not offer enough resources for science majors who wish to take their studies beyond the Hilltop.

The Office of International Programs offers over 160 approved programs in more than 40 countries. Of those, only six integrate science or health studies and allow students to transfer credit toward their science majors. We understand that many liberal arts majors, such as international relations or political economy, are naturally suited to integrate study abroad opportunities. However, OIP should recognize that the global perspective gained from studying in another country can make a valuable contribution to any area of study, including the sciences.

Studying abroad is a quintessential aspect of the Georgetown experience, with roughly half of the student body attending a program overseas during its undergraduate career. An education in the sciences, although certainly rigorous by necessity, need not be confined to textbooks and laboratories. Just as a student in the McDonough School of Business can go abroad to study foreign economies and another in the School of Foreign Service can travel to observe a nation’s politics and culture, so too would science students at Georgetown benefit from having more opportunities to study medical and scientific practices around the globe.

There is an international health major in the School of Nursing and Health Studies, so clearly the is something to global diversity of medicine.

The option to study abroad is an important part of Georgetown’s cura personalis mission, providing students with a chance to expand their horizons culturally as well as academically. This opportunity should be equally accessible to all students, regardless of the nature of their coursework.

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