To the Editor: Douglas Feith, former under secretary of defense for policy, and his office were involved in assessing a U.S. intelligence evaluation that included supposed relations between the Iraqi government and al Qaeda. His office presented its report to various other offices, including the Pentagon, the Central Intelligence Agency and the White House. But the presentations were allegedly altered for the different audiences with parts of the information omitted. When presented, some of the negative information about the CIA’s assessments was allegedly withheld. Vice President Cheney’s office was one of the loudest promoters of the Iraq-al Qaeda connection, among other justifications for war, and it appears that they got their information from Feith, among others, despite having full access to all of the classified intelligence available at the CIA. Cheney made numerous personal trips to the CIA during this time period. Didn’t Feith have an obligation to be honest when presenting his assessment to the White House? How is it that Feith is even working at Georgetown University? Why aren’t the Georgetown students jumping up and down outside Feith’s classroom every day with signs and growing crowds to protest his role in bringing our country into an illegal war? Keith Miller Cambridge, Mass. Feb. 17, 2007

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