A group of students is planning to present Georgetown University Television, a proposed student-run television station on Georgetown’s Hoyanet cable system, to the University Media Board later this month. “The amount of resources the Media Board gives us will determine the kind of programming students can make,” according to Pablo Liska (MSB ’00), a GUTV organizer. “Students will be able to make shows, edit them, and submit them for broadcasting. The management of GUTV will be in charge of promoting student-run shows,” he said. Liska listed programming ideas such as “G-Span, GUSA News, [and] also taped on-campus lectures and sports events.” John Collier (MSB ’01), another organizer, said his goal was “to provide a service to students and help students be informed about on-campus events.” He also said he wanted to “film on-campus events and show them on the air.” According to Liska, Ann Bergsmark, the senior manager of Hoyanet, which operates campus cable services, has agreed to allow GUTV to air over the service. According to the GUTV web page, “For several weeks now, the organizers of student TV have been meeting with Martha Swanson of the Office of Student Programs, to organize, plan and structure the student organization.” Collier and Liska will meet with the Media Board on Oct. 29 to discuss budgetary matters and funding requests. The chairman of the Media Board, Professor Alexander Sens, said he has not seen a proposal and will not have further opinions till the Oct. 29 meeting. “It’s a complete blank slate for me,” he said. The Media Board is a committee that advises Dean of Students James Donahue on allocations and regulations for Georgetown-owned media organizations including The Hoya, The Voice, The Independent and WGTB. The projected cost for GUTV is $18,000, including high-definition cameras, programmable video equipment and a computer for programming management, Liska said. The GUTV web page says, “So far the outlook is good. Although the Media Board has limited funds from which to support GUTV, there is confidence that so deserving an initiative will receive funding.” GUTV’s constitution is on its web site, epsilon3.georgetown.edu/~resume/gutv. The organizers also will be posting financial plans on the web later this week.

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