Georgetown professors may soon see the end of the over-capacity warnings from Georgetown’s e-mail server. Students, however, are not so lucky.

By Nov. 3, faculty and staff at Georgetown can expect to see major improvements in their e-mail accounts, but student accounts will not be changed or updated.

University Information Services plans to implement massive updates to the outdated Georgetown University e-mail system, GUMail, which has been in use since 1999.

The changes come as a response to the rising demand of technology and increased use of e-mail by the Georgetown community, according to a press release issued by the university on Sept. 22. Originally designed to receive 250,000 e-mails a day, the system now receives nearly seven million e-mails a day due to spam.

“It was time for a replacement,” Beth Ann Bergsmark, a director at UIS, said. “The . major changes that will be in effect are reliability, delivery speed, storage and spam.”

The most significant improvement will be memory storage, which will increase from 50 megabytes to 256 megabytes.

“I think it is nice that the technology system for the faculty and staff is improving because it will ensure that there is a high level of digital communication within the Georgetown community,” Jacod Bueno De Mesquita (NHS ’12) said. “Hopefully, the system upgrade will include the student body as well.”

“It seems to me that if they’re going to upgrade half the system, they might as well do the whole thing,” Matthew Levin (COL ’12) said. “I am very disappointed in that decision. . It seems that if they took the time to do this with the faculty, they should not have left the students out to dry.”

Currently, though, there is no immediate plan for an upgrade for students’ accounts.

“Right now, we’re researching taking the students to Google or potentially creating a new e-mail system,” Bergsmark said. “We haven’t made a decision in terms of which direction to take it. We know that the majority of students forward their e-mail.”

In October 2006, Bergsmark said that Georgetown was researching Google Apps for Education, and that UIS planned to revamp the e-mail system by the fall of 2007.

“Considering that many other universities have already joined with Google, I think Georgetown should do so also,” Ramses Escobedo(COL ’09) said. “Not only would the decision ensure that our technology is up to date, but it will also allow less hassle for students who already depend on Google Mail.”

Bergsmark said that while student e-mail may move to Google or an external server, faculty and staff services will never be moved away from the Georgetown server in order to protect confidential messages.

ass data transfers for the faculty accounts will begin in late October. There will be two sets of data transfers between Oct. 24-27 and Oct. 31-Nov.3 as information is moved from the old server to the upgraded one. During this time, faculty and staff will experience e-mail outages, according to the university’s statement.

The GUMail update will affect only the main campus, the Medical Center and University Services. The Law Center and the McDonough School of Business are not affected by this change as they run separate e-mail systems that do not run off the main GUMail system.

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