A fight broke out in Henle Village early Sunday morning that left two students with minor injuries and implicated 15 others in simple assault.

Blood stains were visible on the stairwell leading to the upper-level apartment, where a group of people, including the suspects in the assault, attempted to enter a party inside shortly after 2:30 a.m.

The group was denied entry, and according to a Metropolitan Police Department report, the assailants kicked down the door and entered the apartment by force, punching those inside the apartment.

The report listed alcohol as a suspected factor in the incident.

“A scuffle broke out, and it sort of escalated and everyone who was in the front of the apartment got involved,” said one witness who requested anonymity out of fear of retribution. “It was confusing because it all happened really fast.”

Two of the apartment’s five residents, Daniel Colligan (SFS ’07) and John Justin Churchill (COL ’07), were struck multiple times in the face during the course of the fight, according to the police report. Colligan received a laceration to his left eye and Churchill’s nose was bruised, the report said.

The fight continued out into the stairwell area.

The 15 assailants cited in the MPD report fled the scene and remain unidentified. The report describes two of the suspects as white males.

It is unknown whether the suspects were Georgetown students and no charges have been filed.

The apartment’s other three residents, Matan Shamir (SFS ’07), Will Licamele (COL ’07) and Mike Mortorano (COL ’07), were also present at the time of the fight.

Colligan and Churchill were transported to the Georgetown University Hospital where they were treated for their injuries and released.

Witnesses who attended the party that night describe the fight as a “brawl” and describe the scene as bloody, noisy and chaotic.

The apartment’s residents filed a report with DPS and declined to comment.

– Hoya Staff Writer Moises Mendoza contributed to this report.

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