While most college seniors spend their last summer trying to network their way into a job, Nat Disston (MSB ’12) took his future into his own hands and launched VoyVoy, a clothing company with a surfer vibe.

Disston and his long-time best friend, Charlie Stanton, a senior at Wake Forest University, co-founded VoyVoy in February 2010 and have spent the past year and a half building the brand.

The clothing line touts original pocket-square polos and t-shirts that are intended to convey a fun and active lifestyle, according to Disston. The original idea for Voyvoy’s style was inspired by the surfing company Disston ran with his father while he was in high school.

“Starting my own surf business was really useful because I got to take something and make it my own and watch it grow,” Disston said.

The company’s name, Spanish for “I go, I go,” was inspired by Disston’s surfing trips to Costa Rica. The duo wanted the name to reflect the clothing’s international production, as VoyVoy’s manufacturer is housed in Peru.

Disston and Stanton have tried to incorporate their brand’s sustainable philosophy into every aspect of their business. Their Peruvian manufacturer is certified in fair labor practices and uses environmentally-friendly dyes. The corporation also donates a portion of its profits to programs that support ecological protection.

For a company so young, VoyVoy has already enjoyed an unusual amount of success.

Disston and Stanton sold their merchandise at trunk shows and retail stores beginning in June, starting in Long Island and working their way up the East Coast to Maine. Now that the academic year has resumed, the pair travels on weekends to market their apparel at college campuses.

“College students are willing and excited to try new things,” Disston said. “They are a target, concentrated group, which makes colleges an easy first route.”

VoyVoy has already found popularity at Georgetown. Jack Mohr (MSB ’12), who works with Disston at the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, spoke highly of his fellow intern and the company.

“The shirts are probably my favorite item of clothing,” Mohr said. “I think the company could really take off. It’s an awesome concept.”

According to Disston, managing a business while tackling his final year of college courses is challenging, but he is optimistic about the venture’s potential.

“Personally, my greatest challenge has been balancing everything,” he said. “But I love running VoyVoy, and it makes me really happy.”

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