The Georgetown One Card, a form of identification that allows students to pay for nearly all on-campus expenses with a single card, will be introduced to the main campus in mid-February according to Margie Bryant, head of auxiliary services. The GOCard was fully implemented at the Law Center earlier this month.

The new GOCard office, located at the base of the Leavey Clock Tower, is currently nearing completion and students are scheduled to start taking pictures for their new GOCards beginning in November. Bryant said freshmen students who mailed in their pictures for their current IDs are already in the database and will not have to have their photos retaken.

GUSA’s Student Services Committee has been formally working with Georgetown Auxiliary Services for over a year to design a GOCard Plan. However, difficulties in coordinating the various services affected by the plan, such as the library, Department of Public Safety and Marriott Food Services, combined with the need to install wiring for approximately 350 devices all over campus, have delayed its implementation.

Kaydee Bridges (SFS ’03), chair of GUSA’s Student Services Committee, pledged implement the GOCard plan as soon as possible.

“My efforts this year will be devoted to making a difference that students can see and that students care about,” Bridges said. “Within months students will have the GOCard in their hands and they should feel confident that even though the process took a long time, it was done right.”

The transition of most of the student-centered buildings such as Yates Field House, Leavey Center, Lauinger Library and the cafeterias is scheduled for winter break.

According to Larry Dupuis, project manager for the GOCard implementation, the card was installed first at the Law Center because it has fewer buildings and a smaller student population.

“By and large, the GOCard has been a terrific success; people seem to appreciate the integration and being able to use the card in so many places, ” Dupuis said.

All Georgetown students, faculty and staff will be assigned a new nine-digit University Identification number (UID). All numbers will begin with the number eight, so the UID will be easily distinguished from Social Security Numbers, none of which start with an eight.

A similar OneCard plan is already in place at many universities across the country, including George Washington University, which offers students a GWorld Card.

The new GOCard also offers an online secure deposit option, where students will be able to use their Visa or MasterCard to make deposits onto their card directly from an online site. It will also be able to access accounts with either the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Credit Union or the Hoya Federal Credit Union, and can be used at ATMs.

Students can have their parents add money directly to their accounts via the online Web site, but parents will not have access to student purchase records.

Lost or stolen GOCards can be deactivated immediately, either online or by calling the Department of Public Safety.

More information about the GOCard can be found at

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