GUSA unanimously pledged to inform students of changes to the Student Handbook in a resolution passed Tuesday, but postponed discussion on implementation of the changes to a later date.

At GUSA’s weekly meeting, Senior Class Representative Ben Anderson (COL ’02) described the Student Handbook resolution as a “request that students be informed of the Student Handbook policy changes each academic year.”

Though students were given a handbook detailing what they can and cannot do, GUSA representatives said they wanted to make the university policies clearer and more accessible to students, many of whom do not read the policies, according to GUSA.

During the debate, some representatives suggested that students be required to sign a form acknowledging receipt of the policy changes before registering for classes.

Among the problems the committee discussed was the timeliness of delivering the Student Handbooks. There were complaints that some students received their handbooks as late as two weeks into the academic year. Representatives suggested getting the books out to the Georgetown community earlier, possibly a week before the start of classes.

GUSA also considered inserting a page outlining the changes in the front of each new handbook as another method of drawing students’ attention to policy changes, but some on the committee felt it would not be cost effective to spend money to place an extra page in a book that likely wasn’t being read by students.

The committee also considered “doing something fun online,” such as displaying information on changes to the handbook on the university’s home page. But questions about the effectiveness of this approach forced the committee to postpone a decision.

A second resolution, also presented by Anderson suggested “students be present at final room inspections before charges are levied.” It also asked that the university address students’ concerns when they are charged for repairs not made in their residences after they move out.

Representative Meaghan Keeler (SFS ’02) added that students should be notified of the time and date of the inspections so that they could be present if they wish. The resolution, which passed unanimously, will set up meetings with Campus Housing and Facilities to ensure that students’ concerns are dealt with efficiently and quickly.

Student Services also reported that GUTS buses will now carry signs advertising their weekend schedule. GUSA President Ryan DuBose (COL ’02) said the committee was planning a town hall meeting with University Information Services on Oct. 2 “where people can come and talk about any computer issues they might be having.”

Dubose also set the Club Union’s next meeting for Oct. 9 and announced a Homecoming planning meeting for Wednesday that would include GUSA, the Georgetown Program Board, The Corp, Hoya Blue and Student Affairs.

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