The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E honored two Georgetown students, former commissioners Justin Kopa (COL ’03) and Justin Wagner (COL ’03) Tuesday evening at the February ANC meeting, the first time Georgetown students have been commended for their jobs as commissioners. Wagner is a member of THE HOYA’s editorial board.

“It’s always nice to get recognition for your work,” Wagner said. “It was a wonderful opportunity to see friends that I worked on different projects with and it was a good time to reflect and thank people that you’ve worked with.”

Kopa and Wagner worked together with campus and community leaders to help mend town-gown relations, introducing a Student Bill of Rights last October, in addition to reducing underage drinking at local bars by increasing ID checks. Kopa’s accomplishments included improving visitor parking problems; Wagner worked closely with the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department to promote several public safety measures.

Commissioner Len Levine noted Wagner’s commitment to improving the dialogue between the university student community and local campus residents while commissioner Mark Ryan praised Kopa for his lasting efforts to ensure local safety and communication between students and residents.

“Our experiences have demonstrated to some degree that differences between students and residents is not as much as perceived,” Wagner said. “If we put our heads together we can come up with overall solutions to problems that everyone will benefit from.”

Kopa and Wagner, elected in November 1999, served from 2000-02. Last November, Mike Glick (COL ’05) was the only student elected to the seven-member commission.

The ANC also recognized former commissioners Peter Pulsifer, who previously served as chairman of the ANC before relocating out-of-state, and Scott Polk.

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