Ruthie Braunstein/The Hoya Marriott-run Hoya’s will feature to student bartenders beginning Thursday night.

Student bartenders will return to Hoya’s this Thursday night along with Late Night at Leavey, according to Jeff Burns (COL ’01), senior class GUSA representative.

Originally planned for Friday night, organizers said the date was changed to increase student participation in both events.

“We never really have a lot of seniors come back for [Late Night],” said Randy Rivera (COL ’02), chair of Georgetown Program Board. “We originally thought that if it worked for GUSA and Hoya’s, it would be a great way to get upperclass participation and get them to interact and intertwine with Late Night.”

If student bartending is popular, the event will continue every Thursday for the remainder of the year, Burns said.

Students must show two forms of identification in order to drink at Hoya’s, a student ID and a government issued ID.

“While the university has been completely supportive, they are going to be really watching to see how this goes,” Burns said. “The burden is on the students here to prove to the university that drinkers and non-drinkers can be in Hoya’s together.”

“We’re hoping that everything will go as planned. Thursday is the big night to see how everything goes,” Burns said.

According to Burns, all tips from student bartending will go to charity.

Currently, Hoya’s holds a late-night happy hour at which all students 18 and older are welcome.

Prices have been lowered to compete with other popular student bars, such as Champion’s, Chadwick’s and The Tombs. Hoya’s will now be offering specials on drinks and food to entice students. The bar has been renovated with new lighting and a new sound system to allow for music and dancing, and sports memorabilia and neon signs will be added to make the atmosphere more comfortable for students.

“Hoya’s wants to support student programming, and we will support that in any way we possibly can,” Jeannie Quirk, food and beverages director, said. “If that means student bartenders or karaoke night or a new collection of CD’s so that students can dance, we are willing to do that.”

Furthermore, future efforts are being made to incorporate Hoya’s into student programming, with events being scheduled in conjunction with other on-campus programming like basketball games and theater productions.

Rivera said GPB is working with Mary Kay Schnieder, director of Student Programs, to move karaoke on Thursday from the bookstore into Hoya’s.

Along with karaoke, other events at Late Night at Leavey will include free massages, carnival games, an interactive game show with GUTV and give-aways from the Athletic Department.

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