Frederick Ghandchi (COL ’13) was awarded one a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship in recognition of his work in biomedical research.

Ghandchi was chosen as one of 282 winners from a pool of more than 1,123 students excelling in mathematics, science or engineering. The award covers tuition, fees, books and room and board costs up to $7,500 for one or two years.

“I felt very excited to have won the scholarship, because I know that it will open many opportunities to me,” Ghandchi said in a university press release.

Ghandchi currently works with Associate Professor of Molecular Oncology Todd Waldman and has been conducting biomedical research for three years. The pair has researched two different cancer genes and their relation to one another.

“Fred is super, super smart and very passionate about biomedical research,” Waldman, who is studying the genetics related to brain cancer through a 5-year NIH grant, said in the university statement. “He is already absolutely certain he’s going to do a Ph.D. in molecular biology, which is unusual among sophomore undergraduates.”

Ghandchi intends to pursue a Ph.D., conduct research in cancer genetics and teach at the graduate level.

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