Friday, October 8, 2004 Student Association Steps in To Fill Town-Gown Void

Taking a solid step toward improving town-gown relations, GUSA has formed a new partnership with the Burleith Citizens Association. Every month, the monthly BCA newsletter “The Burleith Bell” will feature a column written by Georgetown students. This new relationship is important in keeping the lines of communication open between both the students and the residents of the area.

In the past, students and residents usually only heard from one another when there was a conflict or problem that needed attention. But with the column, and potentially an original cartoon, student voices will be heard concerning everything from housing concerns to student opportunities in local politics. Instead of an argumentative, reactive dialogue, the column will keep the channels of communication open at all times.

GUSA has stepped up to fill the void that Campaign Georgetown left in its inactive wake this year. GUSA is expanding its responsibilities to not just include working for the student body, but to also foster important ties with the university’s neighbors.

In the October column, GUSA Publications Director Andy Asensio (COL ’06) wrote, “Over the next few months, we hope to discuss . issues related to student life on and off campus, and continue to establish the dialogue that will be necessary to build a lasting partnership between the university and our neighbors.” This proactive dialogue is a strong step to open the door to better communication strategies between students and residents. 

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