By Trudy Garber Hoya Staff Writer

The Leavey branch of the GUSA student services committee organized a fine arts contest this year in order to acquire student artwork that would hang as decoration in the Leavey Center. A dinner was held on Monday night at Hoya’s to honor the four winners of the contest and thank them for donating their work to the university.

“We thought that student art in Leavey would make the student center more student oriented,” said Brenna McKay (SFS ’02), a member of the student services committee and an attendee of the dinner.

The four pieces that were chosen, and are currently hanging in Hoya’s, are “Introspective,” which is a watercolor of an iris that was done by Jaime Cavallo (COL ’02); “Runners,” which is oil on cardboard painted by Ashley Brenner (COL ’03); “Profiles,” which is a collage by Michael Dowley (COL ’03) and “Founding Father,” which is a photograph of the John Carroll statue taken by Dan Szy (SFS ’01).

In late October, the Leavey division of the student services committee hung fliers around campus and put an ad in The Hoya to advertise that it was accepting student art work that “represented students, student life and student interests” according to McKay. Between 10 and 15 students submitted pieces to the committee. Then, the committee, in conjunction with Auxiliary Services, selected four pieces that it felt portrayed students. “Although we got a few great nature scenes, we really tried to pick student-related pieces,” McKay said.

“I painted my piece,” said Cavallo, “three years ago. It is a study of an iris, and I named it ‘Introspection’ because I think people can pull out beauty from nature and apply it to themselves.” Cavello hopes to submit more work to the contest next year.

All four students donated their art pieces to the university. To thank the students for their artistic efforts and for the donation of their work, the student services committee and Auxiliary Services held a dinner for the students, where they also received a $50 gift certificate to the bookstore and an engraved plaque.

The student services committee plans to hold this contest annually. Eventually, it hopes to display student artwork in the Sellinger Lounge as well as in Hoya’s. Once this student art collection outgrows the Leavey Center, old pieces will become part of the university archives.

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