I don’t want to be male bashing, but I have to get this off my chest. Now this is something that happens all the time. It happens so often to women that they often do not even think twice about it. Some women take offense. Others get flattered. Yet others, like myself, wonder seriously about the purpose of such a practice. I’m talking about the honking, the whistling, the yelling “hey baby! Wanna come home with me tonight?” as a woman walks down the street, and the ridiculous dog-like sounds that come out of certain male-mouths as a somewhat attractive woman enters their sight. Not to say that I do not like attention from the opposite sex – I most certainly do. Yet the creative ways in which many men today seem to succumb to leave so much to be desired. Honestly, to those men that are guilty of these ridiculous crimes, what do you expect to get out of honking at a woman at a red light? Do you honestly expect her to turn around, find your method of honking so irresistibly attractive that she will drop everything, run to your car, and jump in the back seat for a good time? Have you ever been successful in getting a woman’s pleased attention by making animal-like sounds at her, or the sounds you make after finishing a good meal? en, consider me on your side. I want to help the fraction of the male race who have found no other way to attract a woman than to grotesquely catcall. This is not the way to a woman’s heart, or to any other part of her for that matter, for she will only, for the most part, be annoyed and disgusted. If not, she may smile, yet only in a way that implies “thanks, but no thanks. If I really needed a ride that bad I’d hail a taxi.” A smile and a wave would be a nice way to start. If a compliment is what you have in mind, then find a more gentlemanly way to deliver it. In an extreme case, in which a man may see the woman of his dreams walking down the street as he lazily waits for the light to turn green – if his only option is to honk in order to get her attention – he is much better off asking her for directions than simply honking with a disgusting, sexually degrading smile. I am no expert, nor do I speak for all women (for I am sure there is a percentage of the female race that gets a kick out of this kind of attention getting). I will not say that it is absolutely despicable, or that it is an insult to the female sex, or anything of that extreme caliber, for I do not believe that it is done with negative intentions. My point is simply that it is, for the most part, a futile, usually unsuccessful method to please a woman, or to make her interested in a man. To make those sounds, honk those horns and pass those rather obnoxious, degrading comments says to a woman that she is being looked upon as nothing but a piece of flesh, eagerly awaiting attention, and it will certainly not please her! ROOAAR until next time! Hear Me Roar appears Tuesdays in The Hoya.

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