For a university bent on the strict prohibition of on-campus personal vehicular transportation, it seems that Georgetown is finally bending toward the needs of its students, striking a deal with car-sharing service Car2Go.

This recently announced partnership is a two-way street.

On one end, students receive access to four separate Car2Go vehicles, two parked outside of Village C and two in close proximity to the Medical School’s New Research Building, behind North Kehoe Field. Upon rental of these cars — subsidized by Georgetown University — students do not even have to return the vehicles to their point of origin, as leaving them at any curbside parking space in the greater Georgetown neighborhood apparently suffices for the company’s business model.

And on the other end, Car2Go receives our assuredly steady business, and our smiling approval.

The point-to-point car-sharing service will serve not simply as a new transportation option, but as a transportation renovation. Simple, flexible and innovative, the business model of this venture is puzzlingly simple on the consumer end.

To add to its attractiveness, the service is green as well — a scholarship fund taken off the top of the money assuredly generated by this partnership will be directly redistributed to the Office of Sustainability.

Allowing for all students to bring personal vehicles to campus would have been unwieldy and ultimately inconvenient for the entire university, but with new technologies come new innovations, and with the university’s decision, it seems that we are all headed in a new direction.

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