The Georgetown softball team (6-23, 1-4 Big East) played DePaul in a doubleheader this weekend in Chicago, losing 11-5 and 11-2. The Hoyas went into this weekend’s matchup with a record of 6-21 following a series of three games against St. John’s that resulted in two losses and one win for Georgetown.

In the first of the two matchups against DePaul, Georgetown experienced a slow start, with DePaul racking up four runs in the bottom of the first inning. Down by four against the Blue Demons early on in the game, the Hoyas remained optimistic.

“It was just the first inning, and there was a lot of game left,” junior catcher Gabriela Elvina said. “It definitely did rattle us, but we’re a team that can score runs, so we knew we had a chance to come back.”

In the top of the fourth, Georgetown’s chance came, with senior infielder Grace Appelbe and junior infielder Alessandra Gargicevich-Almeida both drawing walks to start the inning. Freshman infielder Olivia Russ then hit a single to right field, earning an RBI and allowing Appelbe to score. Sophomore outfielder Payton Lawton kept the momentum going, hitting a double to right field, allowing Russ to advance to third and Gargicevich-Almeida to score.

After a strong at bat in the fourth inning, the game was tied 4-2, with the Hoyas more confident and aggressive.

“Offensively I think that we saw some pretty good pitches,” Elvina said.

In the bottom of the fourth, however, DePaul matched Georgetown’s momentum, scoring two more runs to take a 6-2 lead. Senior outfielder Cherelle Chambers and sophomore infielder Haydn Christensen both scored for the Blue Demons, leaving the Hoyas with some work to do in the fifth inning.

Georgetown responded well in the top of the fifth, with Elvina hitting a home run with one on base, earning herself two RBIs while freshman catcher Sarah Bennett scored. With the score closing in at 6-4, the game decision was still up for grabs. DePaul came up to bat in the bottom of the fifth, with sophomore outfielder Megan Leyva hitting a home run to left field.

In the top of the sixth, the score was 7-4, with Georgetown up to bat. Bennett singled to center field, with freshman infielder/outfielder Belknap on third, sending Belknap home and lessening the gap for the Hoyas with a score of 7-5.

In the bottom of the sixth, DePaul secured the win, with senior pitcher Morgan Maize, freshman outfielder Brianna Viles, sophomore outfielder Angela Scalzitti, and junior outfielder Dylan Christensen all making their way to home plate. With four more runs on the board at the end of the sixth, DePaul captured the 11-5 win.

“We had bases loaded in a couple of innings, but we couldn’t keep the pressure on them,” Elvina said.

After a tough loss to DePaul in the first game, the two teams faced off for the second round of the doubleheader.

“Whatever happened in the first game didn’t matter anymore,” Elvina said. “It was a brand new start for us.”

Once again, DePaul started off the second game remarkably strong, scoring four runs in the bottom of the first inning. With the bases loaded, junior Christensen scored off of junior infielder Nicole Pihl walking after being hit by a pitch.

Soon after, senior catcher Naomi Tellez singled, allowing sophomore infielder Sabrina Kuchta to reach home. Building off this momentum, Tellez stole second, sending Maize home. Finally, Pihl scored the Blue Demons’ fourth run of the inning, leaving the Hoyas with much offensive work to be done.

“It definitely motivated us to score more runs,” Elvina said of DePaul’s strong offensive start.

In the second inning, Georgetown failed to get on the board, but DePaul was still on fire, adding three more runs to the board with Scalzitti, Dylan Christensen, and Maize all scoring. The score was now 7-0 in DePaul’s favor.

Again in the third and fourth innings, Georgetown remained scoreless, but DePaul added one more run to the board with a run by Viles.

“We just need to be a little more selective at bat,” Elvina said.

Finally in the fifth inning, the Hoyas got on the board, with sophomore outfielder Theresa Kane scoring off a double hit to center field by senior pitcher Samantha Giovanniello. In the bottom of the fifth, the Blue Demons struck out, but the score remained 8-1, with DePaul in the lead.

In the sixth and final inning of the game, Georgetown got on the board one last time, with Appelbe scoring off of a bunt by freshman infielder/outfielder Mallory Belknap. This set the score at 8-2, but those two runs would not prove to be enough for the Hoyas.

DePaul stepped up to bat in the bottom of the sixth, scoring three more runs to end the game with a 11-2 win over Georgetown. Leyva hit a home run, sending senior outfielder Marsha’ Pendilton and senior outfielder Gena Lenti both home. DePaul had officially secured their second win of the double header.

“We’re like night and day, we either start off great and score all these runs and then let it slip away, or sometimes we’re very slow to start and start scoring and hitting the ball really well at the end” Elvina said of her team’s performance.

Looking ahead, Georgetown plays Mount St. Mary’s (6-23) on Wednesday in a home game at 4 p.m. at Guy Mason Field.

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