Lucye Rafferty/The Hoya Brian Morgenstern (COL ’05)

· What goals do you have in GUSA this year?

This is a tough one to answer briefly. We have a really extensive platform that’s growing by the day. We’re working to end the lockdown policy, give continuing input on how the New South student center will take shape, bring back Student Bartender Night, improve student-alumni connections, create a Saturday night GUTS route, create an online facebook, have another successful diversity week, create the Housing and Facilities Advisory Board and many others.

· Which person, living or dead, would you most like to meet and why?

I don’t know if I could pick just one person. I know I’d really like to meet Harry Truman because I’ve been reading about him a little bit lately. He seems like a guy who got to where he was by doing the best he could with what he was given, and he always tried to make the right decision no matter what consequences he faced.

· What do you see as the biggest obstacles to accomplishing what you want in GUSA?

Our biggest challenge has to do with the fact that our GUSA administration is only around for one year and it is difficult to find motivated university bureaucrats to help us bring ideas to fruition on a short timeline.

· What do you like about Georgetown?

I love the location, my friends and the ideal that you can learn and take ownership of the community through involvement and service. Deep, huh?

· How would you respond to a perception among some students that GUSA “doesn’t do anything?”

I would respond by saying that we do a lot to improve the student experience and have several accomplishments to show for it, including and several that you will be finding out about soon. Students take many things for granted, such as GUTS buses, and don’t realize that they were initiatives of the student association. We also do more work behind the scenes than most people know about. We constantly represent students’ interests and provide student input on administrative policy decisions. It’s just that not everything we do is high profile.

· How would you complete this song: “What the world needs now…”

. is kielbasa sausage. Just kidding. Love, sweet love.

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