Marc Smith’s letter about the editorial on athletic facilities (“Field Maintenance Requires Sustained Efforts,” THE HOYA, Feb. 11, 2005, A2) had one small error.

Believe it or not, coaches do hold practices on top of Yates. Depending upon the time of year, you might see the football team, the track team, the field hockey team, the baseball team, the men’s lacrosse team or even the women’s lacrosse team.

Besides that one minor point, I agree with everything that Smith said. Who do these coaches think they are, holding practices even though it may have rained the day before? I mean, a Division I athletic program should figure a day off after every rainstorm into its bylaws. And also, Smith makes a good point about the difficulty of field maintenance. The coaches should schedule their practices around the maintenance schedule, not the other way around.

Oh and boo hoo, it’s so windy outside. We can’t run fast workouts because the wind is blowing too hard, and we can’t hold a productive practice because the wind is throwing off the trajectory of the ball. Use the local condition to your advantage and you will evolve into superhumans unaffected by the wind. Give me a break.

As landscape manager, maybe Smith should work on fixing these problems instead of writing letters that insult the editor, students, coaches and student athletes.

KEVIN WARD (COL ’07) FEB. 11, 2005

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