An intruder entered a sophomore’s unlocked Copley suite as she slept last week, stealing a digital camera before fleeing the scene.

According to a Metropolitan Police Department incident report, Brittany Lockard (MSB ’07) was asleep in her fifth floor room at 9:40 a.m. on Feb. 16 when a man opened the door, came in the room and took the camera, valued by police at $25.

Lockard said Thursday that her roommate, Laura McKibben (SFS ’07) entered the hallway outside the room as the man made his exit.

“My roommate saw the guy coming out of the room and she immediately came into the room and asked me if I knew what had happened,” Lockard said. “We called DPS and the police too.”

Lockard said that McKibben tried to give chase to the suspect but could not locate him.

McKibben could not be reached for comment.

DPS and MPD officers as well as an MPD detective responded to the scene and took a report.

The suspect was described by police as a 5’7″-5’8″ black male wearing a blue denim jacket and jeans.

Lockard said that she didn’t know her door had been unlocked and added that she felt that Copley’s doors were unsafe.

“We should have doors we can be sure are self locking but I guess it was my fault that the door was unlocked in the first place,” she said.

David Morrell, vice president for university safety, said that university officials are investigating whether this burglary may have been related to earlier incidents on campus.

“DPS is pursuing information that they have indicating that the perpetrator was not a Georgetown student,” he said. “DPS is also trying to obtain additional information on the suspect in question.”

Morrell also urged students to always lock their doors.

There were multiple thefts and burglaries in different Village C East, Village A, Copley and LXR residences last semester. In at least three of the Copley burglaries and five of the Village C East burglaries, residents said that their doors had been locked.

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