Name: Charlie Buckingham

Sport: Sailing

Position: Skipper

Hometown: Newport Beach, Calif. High School: Newport Harbor

Year: Freshman

Georgetown Career: Won the Navy Laser Open and MAISA Single-Handed Championship in his freshman year.

When did you first start sailing? I’ve been sailing my whole life because my family is involved in it. My dad’s side of the family especially was heavily involved in sailing; they actually used to compete. Since I can remember, I’ve been around boats. My dad used to take me out racing with him before I could sail on my own. And then when I was eight, I was entered in the junior program in my hometown, and that’s where I started to learn how to sail on my own.

What’s the team like? It’s a great group of people; it’s been a great freshman year with them. We all get along really well, and even though we’re always around each other we never get bored of each other. All the upperclassmen have been so welcoming and taught me a lot just in my freshman year. It’s been a great experience.

Who on the team do you rely on the most? Chris Behm. He’s an incredible sailor, I learned a lot from him this year. He’s very experienced obviously because he’s a senior and he’s always eager to answer questions. I can go up to him any time and ask him something. He’s a very easy person to talk to.

Who is the team joker? Zach Cavanaugh. He definitely keeps everyone’s spirits up during practice or after a tough regatta.

Any superstitions? I have a lucky visor that I like to wear. It’s not necessarily lucky but if I’m not wearing it I feel like something’s off.

How did it feel racing for Georgetown for the first time? Unbelievable. It was the War Memorial Regatta, which is our conference championship in the fall. I was so nervous because I wanted to perform well for the team. I remember my heart beating so fast, and my crew had to calm me down. It ended up being a pretty good race, but I was just so nervous.

Favorite athlete? Robert Scheidt; he’s a sailor from Brazil.

Best moment in your career so far? Last weekend, our team won the conference championship for the spring, which is one of the steps for us qualifying for nationals in June. We beat the No. 1-ranked St. Mary’s team. To be able to contribute to that win was probably one of the best feelings this year so far.

ost embarrassing moment? At practice in the fall, we were doing a race, and the coach jumped up in the other boat. He said, “If I beat you in this race, I’m kicking you off this team.” So we start the race and my hiking strap breaks, and that’s what straps you to the boat when it’s windy. So I flipped over and fell out of the boat and then obviously the coach beat me. He didn’t kick me off the team, but it was still pretty funny. Out of anything that could possibly happen, I fell straight in the water.

Freshman residence hall? Village C West. I live with one of my teammates, Evan Aras. He’s a good friend of mine; we know each other from sailing events we were at together before Georgetown.

What is the one thing you miss most about home? Surfing.

Favorite movie? North Shore.

A movie you’re embarrassed to admit you like? The Little Mermaid.

Favorite escape from Georgetown? Sailing practice.

Favorite Georgetown restaurant? Saxby’s. It’s probably the food place I visit the most.

Greatest inspiration? My parents – especially my dad.

Booey’s or Wiseys? Booey’s. Wiseys is overpriced, and they put too much mayo on everything.

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