Six SLRG Members, Junior Rep Elected

6.66 Percent of Students Turn Out for GUSA Elections

By Clare McMahon Hoya Staff Writer

With only 6.66 percent of Georgetown students voting, six students were elected yesterday to the Student Leadership Reform Group. According to the agreement passed last semester by the GUSA Assembly, a group consisting of 13 Georgetown students, including chair Vice President Austin Martin (COL ’99), will meet periodically this semester to review and revise the student association’s constitution.

SLRG was created in a GUSA resolution passed last fall as a compromise to the debate over whether to reform the student association’s constitution. According to the resolution, SLRG’s main mission will be to develop a proposal for the “reorganization of Georgetown student leadership,” which will be voted on by the undergraduate student body at the same time as GUSA’s 1999 executive elections. These recommendations must then be approved by one-fifth of the student body and signed by University President Leo J. O’Donovan, S.J., in order to take effect.

Of the eight students running, Keavney Klein (NUR ’02) received the most votes, with a total of 228. The other winners were Rip Andrews (SFS ’01), Theron McLarty (SFS ’00), Christiana Gallagher (SFS ’02), John Butler (COL ’01) and Ryan Erlich (SFS ’01). Six more students will be appointed by Martin and GUSA President John Glennon (COL ’99) in the next week and a half.

Klein is a staff writer for The Hoya.

Klein said she was “overjoyed” at the results of the election. In response to the poor turnout, she said, “Considering that it wasn’t highly publicized, I think there was a pretty high turnout. Soon, this will be a big issue on campus.”

Andrews, who sponsored the original resolution to reform GUSA’s constitution along with Butler, Kim Harrinton (SFS ’01) and Ward, echoed Klein’s sentiment on the turnout. “I was really pleased with the voter turnout given that it was advertised so little.”

Meanwhile, Martin was less enthused about the low voter participation. “Six percent of the population doesn’t represent a groundswell of support for any cause,” he said, “The election results show that there’s no interest in this issue.”

Andrews also said reforming student leadership has “been my issue all year” and that he looked forward to working with the other SLRG members to discover the needs of students and organizations on campus.

He said SLRG would have town hall meetings each Wednesday, starting this week. The first meeting will be held Wednesday at 10 p.m. in Healy 104 and will feature the six members elected Monday along with Martin, Andrews said.

Also on the ballot was Arjay Yao, who won an uncontested election for junior class representative. Yao will be replacing Jack Gearan (COL ’00), who will be spending the semester abroad in Ireland.

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