With Georgetown students headed all over the world for spring break, we get to enjoy a week of change from Leo’s, the typical Georgetown hotspots and even our own attempts at cooking here on the Hilltop. Whether you’re headed home or someplace else for vacation, it’s not a bad idea to stock up on some kitchen basics if you don’t already have them within your reach.

Some of the greatest challenges we face when trying to cook for ourselves in college are related to having the right tools and ingredients at our disposal. When you’re home, it’s quite easy to just reach into the cabinet and grab a particular spice for a dish or reach into a cupboard for an 8×8 inch pan for brownies. However, in college you’re dealing with limited supplies, which means you have to find creative ways to make things work in your favor. Below I’ve devised a list of items that can be utilized in many different ways. This is by no means a complete list, but it’s definitely a starting point. All of the items can be found while out shopping or can be stealthily swiped from your parents’ kitchen (not endorsed).

Spatula: Can be used for cooking eggs, flipping pancakes or burgers, pulling cookies off a cookie sheet, stirring dishes or scraping batter off a bowl. Incredibly easy to wash, doesn’t take up much space.

Cookie sheets: Not only great for baking cookies, but also can be used for roasting vegetables and making pizza. Or, if you’re really desperate, it can double as a portable tray for the books you need to move from your living room to your bedroom for post-spring-break midterms.

13×9 inch pan: Can be used for baking cakes, broiling meats, making baked pastas or storing large amounts of leftovers. Additionally, if you have aluminum foil, you can use it to make smaller-sized pans (like 9×9 inch) by covering the pan with the foil and folding one side to the desired length.

Medium-sized pot: The uses are limitless! If you don’t having a frying pan, you can use it to make eggs for breakfast, stir-fry for lunch and pasta for dinner. If needed, meat can even be cooked in it, and it’s especially good for curries and soups.

Now, I realize these seem like really basic items, but you would be surprised at how many people don’t have them in their kitchens already. If you have the above items, you should be able to make a solid selection of dishes that will keep you satisfied until finals!

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