I once read that guys think about sex every seven seconds. This surprises me not only because 515 times during an hour-long class seems like a lot, but also because I can imagine no female equivalent.

Women just do not have such one-track minds. Sure, we think about boys, sometimes, but then there are long internals when we do not think about them at all. We divide our thoughts between things like friends, school, working out and shopping. After all, meeting the perfect pair of jeans is just as exciting as meeting a guy.

However, there is a time of day when a woman’s thoughts are trumped by one single and irrepressible longing. Most guys have never seen it happen, because girls only submit in the most secretive places on campus. Here prohibitions are taken off, hungry minds connect, and girls can think about one thing and one thing only: Domino’s cheesy bread, Ben and Jerry’s Half Baked and homemade chocolate chip cookies. These are our fantasies.

The bodies on this campus might have you believe that girls do not think and talk about food very much, but behind every salad eater and Diet Coke drinker there is a hidden Miss Cookie Monster just waiting to come out.

And with Yates packed every hour with girls running on treadmills, I am glad to know that girls still sit around and eat chocolate together. They might seem obsessed with their image, but most girls still let themselves put their hand in the cookie jar – and feel good about it.

Girls try to hide this untamed side from guys because maybe we would not look so beautiful with pepperoni in our teeth. But the truth is that we finish off entire pizzas too.

Guys should be proud of us, but something is making them reluctant. They might think this kind of eating is unfeminine or that it brushes on sensitive issues girls have with food that they would rather stay away from. But if guys really understood, they would realize they are seeing girls at their very best.

To somebody who has never seen a girl drink non-diet Coke, it might look like girls have lost their minds during late-night eating splurges. Yes, we become as passionate about warm Brie as we are about our boyfriends, and we appear more excited about the fondue than anything else all week. We start reminiscing about gelato we had in Rome last spring until the next thing we know our spoons are digging in the ice cream like shovels. It looks like sheer madness, but eating together is a very meaningful experience for girls – one that I hope we never decide to cut out.

Just as male bonding is done over beer and football, girl bonding takes place over food. Sharing a whole pint of ice cream is an intimate experience and rebelling together against taboos connects us. In a world where girls are competing against each other to look thinner, showing you are not afraid to eat a bag of Doritos sends a refreshing message that you do not take yourself or your body too seriously.

Furthermore, food has the power to bring girls together. People are drawn to hot steamy pizzas at 2 a.m. like seagulls are drawn to boardwalk fries. And once we are all drunk with the happiness from our greasy slices of heaven, conversation starts flowing.

Some of my favorite times have taken place with my best friends sitting around a pizza box sharing great conversation in between bites. No matter how many carb-diets come out, I hope girls will always continue this ritual.

So, to the guys who feel that they are losing out to an Oreo cookie, well, you probably are. And to those who think that the ice cream cone is getting more attention, sorry, but girls just get really happy when they eat ice cream. It doesn’t mean we are disinterested in you, we just can’t help ourselves.

Just like guys fantasize about girls, we fantasize about Ben and Jerry.

Emily Harter is a senior in the School of Foreign Service and can be reached at harterthehoya.com. Translating Georgetown appears every other Tuesday.

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