An anonymous donor has pledged $1 million to the Class of 2012 if more seniors contribute to their class fund than did so last year.

The Class of 2012 has until June 30, the end of the university’s fiscal year, to beat last year’s 68 percent participation rate.

Donations currently total $24,000, representing participation by 42 percent of the class.

In past years, more than 50 percent of seniors have donated to their class fund before graduation in mid-May.

Katie Eisenstein (COL ’12), chair of the Class of 2012 Fund, is optimistic about the project.

“I’m confident that we can meet our goal,” she said. “To put it in perspective, at this point last year the Class of 2011 Fund had 358 gifts and had raised around $8,300.”

The anonymous donor, a parent of a Georgetown student, allocated the potential gift to the 1789 Scholarship Imperative, which aims to fund 1,789 $25,000 scholarships by the end of the current 10-year capital campaign.

While not in contact with the donor, Eisenstein said that the gift was motivated by the current success of the Class of 2012 Fund. Statistics about the fund were shared with many alumni during the public launch of the capital campaign in October.

Georgetown’s Board of Regents, a group of alumni that acts as representatives of the university, has also pledged a donation to match the amount contributed by the senior class.

“This demonstrates that past generations are honoring our current philanthropy by amplifying it,”Eisenstein said. “This presents us with an exciting opportunity to make history as a class and truly give back to Georgetown.”

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