During its final week on the Hilltop, the class of 2010 is marking its farewell to Georgetown with communal reflections, a number of ceremonies, a comedy night and Senior Ball, among other events.

Programs in this year’s Senior Week, organized by the senior class committee, were aimed at allowing students to explore opportunities they may have missed in the past four years, be they lectures with favorite professors, tours of D.C. or bonding more with fellow classmates.

“Senior Week is focused on celebrating the class of 2010 as a collective. It encourages students to reflect on and commemorate their entire time as a Hoya, not just the senior year experience,” Christine Conforti, chairman of the board of the senior class committee, said in an e-mail.

“The bittersweet aspect of the week is what makes it so meaningful and fun. Relationships with friends, classmates, professors and everything else `Georgetown’ are constantly growing, even during our last week on the Hilltop,” Conforti said.

Attendance has been high at all the events, according to Conforti, with the Reggae at McDonough Gymnasium and DJ Leo’s Dining Hall events drawing more than 1,000 seniors each. Other especially popular events were the President’s Picnic and the Class of 2010 Fund Wine and Cheese Formal.

Although attendance at events where alcohol is served is generally high, the planners have tried to diversify the programming this year and host more educational and religious events, as well as non-alcoholic entertainment events. One of them, a trip to Sandy Point beach, was cancelled due to rain, but other than that the week has proceeded smoothly.

Students praised the range of events offered.

“Although I don’t think all the events of the week are superb, there seems to be something for everyone, which is good,” Drew Peterson (SFS ’10) said.

Ashley Wilson (MSB ’10) has attended every event other than the trip to Six Flags last Saturday.

“I think it is a really great ending to Georgetown because you kind of ignore the fact it’s ending soon since so much is going on,” Wilson said. “Also you get to see people you might to forget to say goodbye to.”

Seniors also noted that they are looking forward to the Senior Ball, which will take place tonight at Union Station.

While students have enjoyed the events, one concern raised was regarding an insufficient distribution of information about Senior Week events.

“The Senior Class Committee Web site has been pretty awful at updating information on events other than Senior Ball,” Peterson said. “Next year’s SCC should do a better job making the Web site a truly useful resource.”

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