The Senior Class Committee hosted fewer activities for this year’s graduating class than previous years’ at its annual weeklong “Dis-Orientation” celebration, which took place last week.

While the general schedule of the week remained consistent with past years, the committee cancelled traditional events such as the bar crawl and Oktoberfest in an effort to focus their resources on improving the quality of events.

“I wanted to focus on making better events,” Senior Class Committee Events Chair Lauren Sinclair (COL ’16) said.

For a registration fee of $30, seniors participated in a variety of social activities, including two keg parties.

Other events, such as the fall career fair, were open for all seniors.

Sinclair said that her team worked carefully to develop the week’s programming.

“It’s hard to plan a week full of events,” Sinclair said. “You have to get creative with the type of events you have.”

The day after an opening ceremony in O’Donovan Hall on Sept. 18, seniors took to Multi-Sport Facility to cheer on the football team in its loss against Dartmouth College, which also included a giveaway.

Other planned activities included a beach volleyball tournament in the Southwest Quadrangle and a movie screening and barbecue on Copley Lawn.

However, the screening and barbecue were eventually cancelled because of the collapse of the projector screen and rainy weather.

Sinclair said that, while it was difficult to entice seniors to attend events, offering free food seemed to be a successful strategy.

“Motivating people to come out on busy weeknights has been one of the toughest obstacles that I’ve had this week,” Sinclair said. “But usually free food is always a good incentive to get people to come out.”

Seniors over 21 years old also partook in events that featured alcohol, such as Jammin’ Jerseys: Senior Night at The Tombs and a keg party in Leo’s and the toga partyclosing ceremony on Leavey Esplanade.

Seniors of legal drinking age said that they anticipated these events.

Channing Ruff (COL ’16) said he was disappointed that this year’s program was not any different than a regular weekend evening.

“The Tombs usually does have a lot of seniors in it anyways because of the age group, so Senior Night was very similar to a regular night out at The Tombs,” Ruff said.

Sinclair said that events that featured alcohol tended to be the most popular.

“I’ve noticed that it’s the events with alcohol that people usually stick around at the longest,” Sinclair said.

Seniors under 21 were not allowed to participate in Ri Ra Night, an event that raised donations for the Class of 2016 fund.

However, seniors who were not of legal drinking age were still allowed to take part in the keg parties at Leo’s and on Leavey Esplanade, although they were not allowed to drink.

According to Sinclair, the committee did not want to exclude any students who signed up for the activities.

“Eighteen-year-olds [could] go to those and [could] still enjoy the parties with seniors, whereas with the bars they wouldn’t necessarily be able to get in,” Sinclair said.

Lizzie Pinede (COL ’16), a 20-year-old senior, said that she wished there had been a less expensive alternative registration fee for students who were unable to drink.

“It would have been nice if there was a cheaper option, since I couldn’t drink and there were two 21-plus only events that I couldn’t attend,” Pinede said.

However, Matthew Fried (COL ’16) responded positively to the program this year.

“I loved getting together with my senior friends,” Fried said. “I’d say find a group of friends to commit to going to the events early and often, and it will end up being a lot of fun.”


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  1. While I am friends with some of the wonderful people involved in the planning DisO (and still think they are all amazing), DisO turned out to be pretty much be a $30 t-shirt. The leo’s opening party and the closing kegger were the only even possibly worthwhile events. And maybe scheduling the kegger when it wasn’t going to rain or having an indoor location would have been nice (togas are not warm fyi).

    Most of the other events were almost insultingly pitiful. A night where 21+ seniors can go to the Tombs? Like Every other night?! Or the Ri Ra event where you had to make another donation…and not for an open bar but for basically happy hour specials. How wonderful.

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