A former senior official at the National Security Council, ichael J. Green, has been added to the SFS faculty as an associate professor, the university announced last month.

“It is a privilege to welcome Michael Green to our community of scholars,” School of Foreign Service Dean Robert L. Gallucci said in a university press release. “He brings a policy and academic expertise on Asia, and particularly on Japan, which is increasingly important to our students and the curriculum.”

Green brings his expertise on Asian politics, specifically Japanese politics and U.S.-Japanese relations, to the forefront of the SFS Asian Studies Program. His course, scheduled for the spring 2006 semester, will focus on Asian security studies, according to the press release.

In an address to the faculty search committee, Gallucci said that Green was the first candidate to be mentioned for the position. He added that the addition of Green to SFS faculty will begin to address the program’s previous “weakness in modern Japanese studies.”

“Dr. Green makes us credible on Japan” Gallucci said.

Green conducted graduate work at Tokyo University as a Fulbright Fellow and with MIT as a Research Associate of the MIT-Japan Program. He has written several books on Japanese politics, according to the release.

While teaching at Georgetown, Green will continue to serve as senior advisor and Japan chair at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C.

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