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Lauinger Library in 1970.


The past, present and future of Georgetown’s ‘ugly’ library

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The low, sprawling District of Columbia skyline boasts few true icons. A Google search of the city’s skyline reveals exclusively shots of the National Mall and Tidal Basin. The Washington Monument and Capitol building are the only distinguishing features of a profile shaped by congressionally mandated height restrictions, a consciousRead More


The talent at the first Kickback covers a wide range of styles and genres with a mix of both student and professional talent, such as COIN.

Falling Into the Music

The Corp pioneers a new campus concert

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From respectfully sitting at New Student Convocation to wildly cheering “Hoya Saxa” in the stands of a basketball game, Georgetown University students thrive on tradition to connect to and unite with their community. Every year, certain events are designed to foster this spirit and give students a sense of belongingRead More

A Day to Give Back

A Day to Give Back

The CSJ hosts its annual service day in Ward 7

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Orientation and the beginning of a new school year mean that both new and returning students have the opportunity to decide how they want to devote their free time this year. Almost every year since 1997, the Center for Social Justice has been using this kickoff period to introduce studentsRead More

From DC to London, Taking Artistic Passion Abroad

From DC to London, Taking Artistic Passion Abroad

Center Stage

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Sing? Act? Dance? Psychoanalyze? Alexandra Waldon (COL ’15) can do it all. Following professional training, Waldon came to Georgetown to extend her education. The psychology and theater double major has not only been in a Georgetown show every semester, but is also very involved in the Phantoms, a campus aRead More

Ariana Grande’s impressive vocals bring real style to her album, and her powerful collaborations with other artists make it a sure success.

Album Review: ‘My Everything’

Ariana Grande

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★★★★☆ After a stunning VMA performance and taking home her first Moonman for Best Pop Video, Ariana Grande (aka “Mini Mariah”) is just getting started on what promises to be an incredible career. She goes beyond the mold of your average millennial pop star because of one thing: her amazingRead More

In her latest album, Electropop artist Kimbra breaks from her usual sultry melodies and replaces them with upbeat ’90s-inspired tracks.

Album Review: ‘The Golden Echo’


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★★★☆☆ After her recent success with Gotye in their duet “Somebody That I Used to Know,” Kimbra again slips into the spotlight with her second album, “The Golden Echo.” The New Zealand singer picks up the tempo from her debut album “Vows,” switching her R&B, jazzy style for elements ofRead More

DC Hot Spot Tempts With Quality Indian Gourmet

DC Hot Spot Tempts With Quality Indian Gourmet

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★★★☆☆ $$$$ Every city known for great food has a handful of restaurants that are considered “must-gos” — one cannot be labelled a foodie without trying these restaurants. In Washington, D.C., there are several such places, one of which is Rasika. Located in Penn Quarter, Rasika is famous for itsRead More

Small Japanese Joint in Chinatown Manages to Impress

Small Japanese Joint in Chinatown Manages to Impress

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★★★☆☆ $$$$ Us California girls love our sushi, and so the unofficial mission of my first years in Washington, D.C., is to find a great sushi place. In the spirit of this quest, I was very excited to check out the sushi in D.C.’s Chinatown. I was initially skeptical —Read More

RAC’s surprising covers put an enjoyable twist on chart-toppers.

RAC Puts a New Spin on Old Hits

The Beat

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Who is RAC? I was offered a ticket to see them and find out, so why would I turn down a free concert? In retrospect, I’m definitely glad I didn’t. Remix Artist Collective is a band based out of Portland, Ore. Its strategy is to take songs by other artistsRead More

Album Review: ‘Sparks’

Album Review: ‘Sparks’

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★★★☆☆ Five years may have passed since the release of her last full album, but as this new work shows, Imogen Heap hasn’t changed a bit. “Sparks,” her newest release, features the same beat-heavy tracks with short, pronounced hooks that first made her popular in the mid-2000s. This deluxe versionRead More