O’Donovan Hall reopened last night for dinner to a lukewarm reception, as many students are still patronizing other shops after the dining hall was closed for sanitation.

At around 6:30 p.m., when the dining hall is normally bustling with hungry students, the top floor was only about half as full as it normally is, and the bottom floor was closed.

Those returning to Leo’s saw some changes, including a policy of mandatory hand-sanitizing at the GOCard swipe and bathroom exits, as well as the absence of salad options. Now, dining hall staff both supervises and serves the food – everything from hot meals to sour cream.

“We want to avoid all points of contact as a precaution,” said Jamie Mansy, one of O’Donovan Hall’s food directors. “Everything is now safe and sanitized.”

O’Donovan Hall was closed for sanitation Wednesday morning after dozens of students fell ill with norovirus, which can spread through contaminated food. Officials said that sanitation was completed yesterday, although it is still unclear if the outbreak, which reached at least 170 students, originated in the dining hall. All meals were offered to students at the Center Grill in the Leavey Center Wednesday and yesterday while the dining hall was closed.

Last night, many students elected to find other eating options for dinner. Long lines were seen at Uncommon Grounds, Vital Vittles, Wisemiller’s Grocery and Deli and Epicurean and Co. yesterday.

Kaitlyn Fredrick (NHS ’11), a cashier at Vital Vittles, noticed the increased patronage, saying that certain items were in unusually high demand.

“There have been pretty long lines,” she said, adding that some of these are “sick people . buying ginger ale and Saltines.”

Kevin Lynch (COL ’09), The Corp’s chief financial officer, said that he did not have specific numbers for the company’s profits over the past few days, but that “revenue is significantly up.” He said that The Corp asked “one of our most popular sandwich vendors” to make a second delivery instead of its normal one.

“We’re definitely trying to make sure that by calling our vendors to increase supply, [we can meet demand],” he said.

The number of students looking for options other than Leo’s spilled over to off-campus eateries.

“Yesterday, we were a bit busier than usual,” said Eddie Noland, the night manager of The Tombs. “We had a noticeable increase in to-go [orders], but our total numbers were about the same as last year.”

Brian Barwick (COL ’12), who would have normally gone to the dining hall for dinner, left New South yesterday evening with a friend in search of pizza off-campus.

“I’m not going just yet,” Barwick said. “It’s definitely going to be a good story senior year, but in the mean time, I’m spending a lot of money on food.”

Those students who chose to dine at Leo’s last night did not seem too worried about the norovirus but were instead more troubled by the smaller menu offered to them last night.

“I actually think it makes the most sense to eat here right now,” Silky Kadakia (SFS ’12) said. “They just sanitized everything so it’s the cleanest it’ll ever be.”

“Tonight would definitely be the cleanest,” Jimalyn Yao (SFS ’10) said. “If anyone got sick after this, it would be a mess.”

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