Julia Cai’s article “$800,000 Accumulates in Club Funding Reserves” (www.thehoya.com, April 3, 2008) is just the latest example of how Georgetown’s red tape is responsible for strangling student life on campus. Though the Student Activities Commission has a quarter of a million dollars in its reserves, it cannot be trusted to allocate funds fairly.

Student organization leaders across the Hilltop know too well of the administrative farce that is the SAC advisory board. During my two years as events director for the Georgetown University College Democrats, SAC would regularly micromanage our group, dictating on details like food, location and timing for our events. They frequently gave our much-beleaguered treasurer the run-around on funding, denying our organization – the second-largest student group on campus based on membership – money even for events the SAC board had previously indicated they would support. Their criteria for funding or denying events was often mystifying, particularly since the College Dems regularly put on some of the best-attended events on campus. When we presented our case for funding, SAC commissioners behaved as though we were asking for money out of their personal checking accounts, not money that was paid by every Hoya each year.

Now, they are planning to use money paid by every Hoya as a required fee each year to their own benefit. How can SAC justify spending money to remodel their own offices when student groups of all stripes are left dry when they apply for funding? I am continually astounded by SAC’s ability to maintain a tone of indignant self-righteousness. Any money left over at the end of the year should not be safeguarded like a lucky inheritance from a distant relative; it should be distributed in a way that benefits campus organizations and all students on campus. Supposedly, that is SAC’s mission in the first place, and after all, it’s our money – not SAC’s.

Rachel Cohen (COL ’09)

Former Events Director of the College Democrats

April 3, 2008

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