Commission Looks for Diverse Applicant Pool

By Tim Sullivan Hoya Staff Writer

Because only 10 students applied for the 10 available commissioner positions, the Student Activities Commission has extended its deadline for applications beyond the original deadline of April 11 in order to obtain a “diverse pool of applicants.” According to SAC Chair Terry Platchek (COL ’01), there were “just enough applications” to fill the positions, which are appointed by the GUSA president with the advice of the general assembly. He said that there is no new deadline, but applicants should apply as soon as possible.

Following the decision, Platchek circulated an e-mail to representatives of numerous leaders of on campus groups, including many minority organizations. In the letter, he said that “the majority of applicants to SAC this year do not represent all of the minority groups on campus. With the exception of East-Asian students, there are very few members of other ethnic groups that have applied (including white students actually.)”

The e-mail was forwarded to many students, including the mailing list of the Jewish Student Association. Platchek said that he never intended the letter to be circulated to the memberships of the clubs to whose leaders he sent the original letter. He said he only intended the leaders to approach prospective commissioners.

Platchek said that he sent the letter after speaking with representatives of the Office of Student Programs, who suggested that student leaders would be the best resources for potential commissioners. He also said that he was not allowed to send an e-mail to the entire student population to announce the extension of the deadline.

He said that students who apply now will not be given preference, regardless of minority background. He said that the purpose of extending the deadline was “not to attract minorities, but a diverse applicant pool.” Members of the selection committee began interviewing the original 10 applicants yesterday, according to Platchek, and if the 10 slots are filled, then no more applications will be accepted.

Platchek said that, in retrospect, he could have written the e-mail more carefully, saying that it was never his intention to imply that the deadline had only been extended for minority students and that minority students would be given preference. “With no qualifications, the positions will go to the most qualified [people].”

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