Caffé Aficionado in Rosslyn, Virginia is the place for … well, coffee aficionados. Its extensive menu, comfortable ambience, stellar service and delicious products blend together into the perfect cafe experience not too far off campus.

Caffeine lovers like myself are always looking to get off campus and explore new places to get a cup of coffee. Starbucks sometimes just doesn’t cut it when looking for authenticity and a nice environment, so when I saw high reviews on Yelp for Caffé Aficionado, it seemed worth the trip on the Georgetown University Transportation Services bus across the Key Bridge. A quick walk from the bus stop, right by the Deloitte building, Caffé Aficionado is easily accessible for high-quality, delicious products in a truly lovely environment.

Granted, the modern look of Caffé Aficionado may at first be a turnoff. The inside is no cozy alcove, boasting a gray and metallic feel, complete with shiny espresso machines and only a few meager pastries out for display. However, the shop’s soft jazz music and unbeatable food and drink make up for its less-than-welcoming interior. The large windows and natural lighting allow patrons to enjoy every sip while basking in the sunlight and watching passersby.

Especially noteworthy is the cafe’s unique latte art -— from swirls to hearts to even little bears — which has amassed a large following of people eager to capture an Instagram-worthy photo. At first, I was skeptical of how these foamy, beautiful drinks could actually taste good. The drinks themselves were somehow too perfect, like fake food stand-ins photographers shot for advertisements of new products. However, one sip of my caramel latte and I was convinced.

It was the perfect mix of creamy foam, sweet caramel flavor (but not overbearingly so) and strong, rich coffee. For only a few dollars, it came in a huge white mug with a mixing spoon, making every customer feel like he gets his money’s worth. My friend ordered a macchiato, which was just as strong as it was meant to be. Another friend ordered a mocha, which was mistaken for a vanilla latte, which really just meant a free latte and an extra mocha, made fresh soon afterwards. It was a welcome treat, to say the least.

The service was exactly what patrons of a coffee shop, from the commuters and students to the snooty artisans, would want: friendly and fast. Employees cleaned up our dishes and brought us glasses of water, all while I sipped my drink and studied. While my friends and I did our homework, no one rushed us out or convinced us to leave — even on a Friday evening. The staff, welcoming and attentive, struck a stark contrast with coffee service some of us may be used to at a busy, commuter-heavy location.

One of the highlights of my experience was my cinnamon roll, which came out warm and complimented with a small dollop of icing. It was both aesthetically appealing and delicious. It paired perfectly with my latte, and was big enough to share a few bites with my friends.

The cafe has limited seating, but the window stools provide a perfect street view of Rosslyn. People-watching, studying and daydreaming are all perfectly possible here.

A warning: there are no power outlets, so be sure to come with your laptop and phone fully charged. Besides, once you step into Caffé Aficionado, you won’t want to leave for hours.

This quaint little Rosslyn coffee house is everything a real coffee joint should be. It’s the perfect afternoon study spot or weekend hangout.

It’s the breeding ground for good conversation and friendly interaction, and a break in the hustle and bustle of Saxbys and Uncommon Grounds that, given the breakneck pace of most students’ lives at Georgetown, can be a lifesaver.

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