To the Editor:

An editorial in last week’s Hoya outlined deficiencies and poor service experienced by several students as they tried to print documents in Lauinger Library over the Labor Day weekend.
We looked into the matter and found that the writer’s criticisms were on target – the service failures described by the commenter were unacceptable.

UIS takes service to the Georgetown community very seriously and has put in place the following steps to prevent these failures moving forward and to improve the overall h.print experience in the library.

  • Adding additional student staff members to the team that performs paper and supplies replenishment – interviews were completed this week.
  • Extending paper run shifts to 11 PM and adding additional runs on the weekends.
  • Retraining team members to replenish paper/toner on the first “low” alert from our automated remote monitoring tool.
  • Assigning team members to shift times by name and holding them accountable for completing their run.
  • Improving signage with instructions on how to use h.print. 
  • Instructing the IT Service Center to treat printer issues as a “service outage” and escalate immediately to on campus support staff when in receipt of multiple reports.

If any of our users experience problems with technology at Georgetown, h.print or otherwise, please contact the IT Service Center at 855-687-4949 (or ext: 7-4949), and my staff will address it for you.

Lisa Davis
Chief Information Officer
Georgetown University

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