Despite the jovial atmosphere Relay For Life provides, it’s important to remember that the event is a serious and reflective occasion for many.

Tonight, out of respect for the cause and their fellow attendees for whom Relay is much more than just festivities, students should refrain from excessive drinking before arriving at MultiSport Facility.

The annual event, which is sponsored by the American Cancer Society, is of course designed to be fun. Several campus groups use the opportunity to showcase their talents through various performances as students march around the field. Clubs set up booths and provide attendees with the chance to win prizes. Relay is a great opportunity for students to spend time with each other while supporting an important cause.

But for some students, it’s tempting to treat Relay like just another party. Organizers take precautions to prevent alcohol consumption by screening bags at the gates, and for good reason. Drinking at Relay or arriving intoxicated disrespects those for whom the night has significant personal meaning, as well as organizers who have poured so much effort into preparing the event.

If we feel the need to pregame an event like Relay, we’re better off not going at all. But as a fun gathering to support a cause that’s important to so many, Relay is a refreshing kind of celebration.

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