After increased student safety concerns in recent weeks, the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission unanimously passed a proposal Wednesday to add new streetlights to areas surrounding the Georgetown campus.

In its 5-0 decision, the ANC voted to forward the request for new lampposts from the university’s Student Safety Advisory Board to the District’s Department of Transportation and the etropolitan Police Department.

The SSAB used the results of its April 2005 student safety survey to determine three areas where members said new lampposts are needed: the 3400 block of Volta Place, the 3300 block of Prospect Street, and the area on Prospect Street behind Village A.

“A student safety survey distributed to undergraduates last spring identified lighting in the Georgetown area as one of the biggest concerns,” Erin Barbato (COL ’06), a member of SSAB who presented at the meeting, said.

In the survey, 55 percent of students said that they felt least safe in the Prospect Street area west of 37th street and behind Village A.

“We’ve all walked by there and known that it’s a shady and dangerous area,” Barbato said.

In addition to using survey data, SSAB members drove around the Georgetown area “to identify blocks where lamps are missing or have burned out,” SSAB member Joe Krajewski (SFS ’06) said.

“I do think that more lighting in that area is needed,” ANC member John Lever said.

Jimmy Buckley (MSB’06) said he will welcome the new light on Prospect Street because it will be near his house on Bank Street.

“I’m definitely in favor because people make rights onto Bank Street [from Prospect] without realizing that there are houses and doors there,” he said. “Also, considering how many muggings happen on Prospect between 33rd and 34th, it seems necessary.”

The new streetlights will supplement an increased Department of Public Safety presence on Prospect Street, where Vice President for University Safety David Morrell said DPS officers have increased their presence this semester.

Incidents of crime, specifically theft, are down from October and on par with previous years, he added.

Morrell attributed the reduction to “increased etropolitan Police Department and Department of Public Safety patrols, as well as the contract guards who were hired in October to guard LXR 24 hours a day, as opposed to the student guards who work in dorms until midnight.”

Morrell also said that he is pleased that the ANC passed the proposal and that he anticipates the D.C. government will take about six weeks to install the streetlights. A December 2004 request from the SSAB was fulfilled by the government within six weeks, he said.

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