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One year ago, a group of undergraduate students presented the first edition of the Student Life Report to the Main Campus Planning Committee. Their ideological justification was encompassed by the catch-phrase cura personalis. That the University has a duty to address the intellectual needs of its undergraduate members through careful attention to the “whole person” led to widespread university support for increased financial and administrative attention to student concerns. This support brought immediate and concrete benefits to student groups as varied as Mask and Bauble (who were able to install long-overdue lighting in Poulton Hall) and the Black Student Alliance (who were able to reinvigorate fellowship activities and highlight minority achievement at Georgetown through their Visions of Excellence Ball).

For the immediate financial gains of last year’s Student Life Report, we are extremely grateful. Unfortunately, these gains also highlight how much more still needs to be done to realize the full potential of undergraduate energy on campus. Georgetown has failed to secure visible and sustainable results, in the form of long-term financial commitment to the student affairs budget and serious attention to issues of campus space and administrative bureaucracy. If we are taught that meager resources and unnecessary bureaucracy are the norm, how can we expect to revolutionize or even serve the community in which we live, where a lack of adequate resources all too often provides the justification for stagnation rather than progress, mediocrity rather than excellence?

Only in continuing where we left off last year can we reward student accomplishment, cultivate undergraduate talents, and truly contribute to the diverse communities that make Georgetown great. It is in this spirit that we present the following: to reiterate problems that have long plagued the management of student life and to provide a blueprint for future action – as opposed to simple rhetoric. We look forward to your continued support and are more than willing to assist in any way possible to make the enclosed recommendations become reality.

With Gratitude, The Undergraduate Students of Georgetown.

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