Students will soon benefit from a more accessible in-house nutritionist and resident dining manager at O’Donovan Hall, a dining hall manager said.

Joseph Tubman said that the renovations to the lower level of the dining facilities to create new spaces for the nutritionist and resident dining manager offices will be completed by the end of January.

The construction of manager and nutritionist offices will temporarily displace some food stations, he said.

Nutritionist Jody Engel will help to cater to students’ particular diets by supervising the types of food served and its preparation to provide students with a more balanced menu.

Additionally, the presence of a dining manager’s office will help the management better maintain and supervise food quality and service, Tubman added.

“We’re very excited about the changes with Georgetown dining,” Associate Vice President of Auxiliary Services Margie Bryant said.

“We’re constantly evolving, looking at what students want, and trying to match that with what we can provide,” she said.

By the end of the month, students can also expect to see a completed computer workstation on the dining hall’s upper level where guests may review the nutritional content of every item served during each meal, Tubman added.

Bryant also said that the Web site for Georgetown Dining Services has been overhauled to allow guests to view the menu for the entire semester and calculate the total nutritional intake of their entire meal at any dining location on campus, including O’Donovan Hall, Hoya Court, Vital Vittles and Center Grill.

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