Georgetown College just changed history, and they’ve managed to make it more interesting, too.

Starting this fall, students in the College will be able to fulfill their general education history requirement with courses from a wider array of regions, including courses on Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. The move is a drastic, but important, shift from the College’s current policy of restricting students to more general surveys of European Civilization, World History, History of the Atlantic World and History of the Pacific World.

According to representatives of the College Curriculum Committee, the advisory board responsible for changes to the College curriculum, the decision to expand the history requirement was made in recognition of the increasingly diverse interests and backgrounds of the Georgetown College undergraduate community.

We hope this policy indicates a trend to continue the process of constant reevaluation and revision of the College’s curriculum. The addition of the tremendously important Hindi language to the Faculty of Languages and Linguistics would be a great place to continue these improvements.

As one of the premiere academic institutions in the country, Georgetown has a commitment to provide a diverse and broad curriculum to its undergraduates. This decision is an important step toward greater recognition of student interests in their academic options at Georgetown. We hope it continues.

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